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Melinda Caldwell, Amazon reviewer

Review of Hot Arusha's Mango Habanero Hot Sauce

The hot sauce is full of flavor. You taste the hotness from the habanero peppers and the sweetness from the mango. The perfect combination! I was so glad I was able to review this sauce, my family loved it. I marinaded my chicken with it and it was delicious! Not to too spicy, but just enough of a kick to give food flavor. Can't wait to try it on shrimp next.



Review of Hot Arusha's Garlic Hot Sauce for Wimps

With over 20 years of experience creating unique and tasty gourmet sauces, there is bound to be one sauce that catches your eye and makes you want to try it.
I had the pleasure of trying the Hot Sauce for Wimps made with more a garlic kick and less spicy kick. I would have liked a little more spicy kick to go with the powerful garlic flavors, but it was good. Whether you want garlic, hot, spicy, or more of a fruit spicy, the Hot Arusha, Healthy and Spicy Sauces will leave you wanting more.

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Review of Hot Arusha's Hottest Sauce in the World

I like the sauce. It is an enjoyable level of heat from ghost peppers. It was not the over the top, make your throat burn I thought might happen from a ghost pepper based sauce. That didn't make it less enjoyable. In fact, I liked the fact that I could drench my pasta in the sauce and not just use a couple drops. I've used it in several other dishes like chicken and tacos. Will be sure to try out some of their other sauces if given the chance.

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Review of Hot Arusha's Hot Arusha Healthy & Spicy Chipotle Hot Sauce

Arusha's sauce is all natural with no gluten or refined sugar should be noted. There is a good level of heat in this sauce, produced by a blend of chipotle and habanero peppers but it does not build up on the palate as one eats. It does not overwhelm the slight sweetness which gives this hot sauce its distinctive flavor. For those who prefer a thick, slightly sweet hot sauce with heat that does not overwhelm, this could easily become your favorite.

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Review of Hot Arusha's Let’s Party Arusha Pineapple Hot Sauce

My daughter loves all things hot. She is nine and says the hotter the better. She could not wait to try the Let’s Party Arusha Pineapple Hot Sauce. At first she was not sure if she was going to like it but was surprised at how great it tastes! It has a slight kick that she likes but wishes that it was a little more heat. The Let’s Party Arusha! Pineapple Hot Sauce has a heat level of 6 out of 10.

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Review of Hot Arusha's Healthy & Spicy Gourmet Mango Hot Sauce

Hot Arusha Healthy & Spicy Gourmet Mango Hot Sauce will Leave Your Mouth Wanting More!! ‪#‎hotarusha‬ ‪#‎free‬ http://hotarusha.com

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Review of  Hot Arusha's Hottest Sauce in the World:

We were hoping for a lot of flavor along with the spice and that is what we got! The sauce itself is actually quite delicious - but you do break a sweat (i t contains ghost peppers). We really enjoyed it on our eggs and chicken. I also like this sauce becuause it is all natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, and has no refined sugars, making it healthier than some other options out there. This company is family run, which makes me want to support them even more. They have over 20 years experience creating gourmet fusion sauces and it shows.

you lit up my life with the sauce

I know for sure you lit up my life with the sauce -and many thanks
great flavour - I can handle the heat -wifey figures killer hot
already boasting to friends, will do my best to promote
Some of the other sauces look really good, I'll keep your flyers handy
for any interested people
so again many thanks

Your Mango Sauce "It's fantastic"

"Your Mango Sauce it's fantastic! It has kick to it, but it's not over-powering".


I love your Hot Sauces

I loved your hot sauces. My favorite one was the Gourmet Pineapple Cayenne one.

Christine Ferreira

Love That Sauce

"Yum Mi"


Thank you so much for your presence and your gift of song and music during the celebration.

Thank you so much for your presence and your gift of song and music during the celebration.
Your words were beautiful and I really did feel truly loved that day. That depth of reception and open heart are healing and will truly support
my intention that this new decade is dedicated to Open Heart and Contribution.
Also much gratitude for the 2 CD's you gifted me, I will cherish the meaning
and depth of each song.
Until we meet again be well and happy,
love Linda

Sleep Patterns

I bought a Sleep CD from Iqbal last summer and it has made a tremendous difference in my sleep patterns. Even though I have a severe sleep disorder, I am able to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and when I re-awaken, I just restart the whole CD and let it play again... until it is time to get up. It really does work well and I feel more relaxed and ready to take on the day when I get up. Thanks Iqbal... P.S. I love your music as well... plus the Qi Gong exercises you provide on the site as well.

Hella Prante

I’d highly recommend taking a class with Iqbal

Iqbal enjoys teaching Qi Gong and it shows in the smiles from people in his class. He makes it effortless to get real physical benefits even if you are out of shape, have physical restrictions or dislike exercise. I’d highly recommend taking a class with him.


Joyanna Anthony
Success Diva

The Quick Fix Energy System helps people

People today are under so much pressure to respond to the many changes of the fast- paced modern world that alters from instant stress to inactivity to sudden demands for action again.The Quick Fix Energy System helps people deal with these constant changes on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.”


I would recommend Iqbal as a teacher.

Iqbal lead a chi gong class for 35 people at our public forum and those people who attended found the workshop to be very healing and helpful for their energy. I would recommend him as a teacher.

Keltie Bassett

He is indeed an effective teacher

We were very happy to have Iqbal take us through a session of Qi Gong. Not only did we have the opportunity to learn a lot about Qi Gong, we were able to breathe more deeply, we connected, had fun and found it very relaxing and we left smiling and wanting to learn more about Qi Gong. He is indeed an effective teacher.

Janyse Hrynkow, MA CCC

Iqbal's work in Children's' Hospital - Goodwill Testimonial

Iqbal agreed to volunteer at our hospital in-patient unit for adolescents with mental health issues. His music was very well received by all patients and staff. Every one spoke highly and felt greatly affected by the beauty and heartfelt love in his melodic voice.We would always welcome Iqbal’s presence and music to the Children's' Hospital.

Wieslawa Kastelik, social worker